3.14 Investment properties

Investment properties

Investment property is a property held to earn rentals and/or for capital appreciation including properties under construction for such purposes. Investment property is measured initially at cost, including transaction costs. Cost includes the cost of replacing part of an existing investment property at the time that cost is incurred if the recognition criteria are met; and excludes the cost of day to day servicing of an investment property. Subsequent to initial recognition, investment property is stated at fair value, which reflects market conditions at the reporting date. Gains or losses arising from changes in the fair values of investment property is included in the income statement in the period in which they arise.

Investment property is derecognised when either they have been disposed of or when the investment property is permanently withdrawn from use and no future economic benefit is expected from its disposal. Any gains or losses on the retirement or disposal of an investment property are recognised in the income statement in the period of retirement or disposal.

Transfer is made to or from investment property only when there is a change in use evidenced by the end of owner-occupation or commencement of an operating lease to another party. For a transfer from investment property to owner occupied property, the deemed cost for subsequent accounting is the fair value at the date of change in use. If owner occupied property becomes an investment property, the Company accounts for such property in accordance with the policy stated under property and equipment up to the date of the change in use.

Fair value is determined by open market values based on valuations performed by independent surveyors and consultants.